We are a team of passionate energy auditors and energy experts. Our advisors have over 30 years of energy conservation experience. Our founder brings over 15 years experience in running companies, award winning marketing experience and 5+ years renewable energy experience to the table.



Mr. Rockliffe brings 15+ years experience leading a number of award-winning companies prior to launching Green Home Savers in 2016. Professionally, he has held a number of key positions with IBM and Microsoft including a principal role in building the worlds' first website usability lab. As a Professor at Sheridan College, Mr. Rockliffe led a number of courses and research initiatives related to best practices in the field of Advertising and Marketing Management.

In recent years, Mr. Rockliffe has developed innovative subject matter expertise in the emerging field of energy sustainability. His particular focus and passion is centered on how, through the implementation of minor changes, homeowners can achieve greater energy independence, and save significant money doing so.

Key background includes:

- A role as Vice President of NextEnergy, a geo-thermal power corporation with a focus on advanced renewable energy solutions.

- Led a successful communications strategy for Earthship Biotecture, a sustainable design and construction firm focused on disaster relief in residential construction.

- Graduate of SMC, with a specialization in energy efficiency audits.

- Designed and built five homes.

- Independently designed a cutting-edge HVAC system, leveraging natural heat and cooling cycles to achieve year-round value.



Mr. Cooley is Professor of Renewable Energies at Santa Monica College where he heads up the Sustainable Technologies Program – teaching Solar Photovoltaics and Energy Efficiency courses and providing LEED and other green building training to the community.

Stuart Cooley has dedicated his professional life to the cause of energy efficiency and renewable energy. His career spans nearly 35 years as variously an environmental scientist on air quality, an electric utility staff engineer, an engineering consultant, a utility economics consultant, energy engineer for the City of Santa Monica, and now a Community College professor.

Voted Energy Engineer of the Year in 2006 by the Association of Energy Engineers in Los Angeles, Mr. Cooley is an accomplished speaker and writer with a host of publications, both technical and non-technical. He holds a Bachelors in Physical Science from the University of Maryland-College Park, and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hawaii-Manoa with certification in Renewable Energy Engineering.



Jorge Marquez brings over 15 years of advisory experience in assurance, tax, consulting and business development in the Southern California market, including extensive experience cultivating executive-level relationships and is currently the VP of Enterprise Solutions for Robert Half (RH) and Protiviti in the Pacific Southwest.

Prior to joining RH, Jorge’s professional experience included senior consultant roles with KPMG, Deloitte, and Vistage. Jorge spent the last four years in RHMR as La Jolla Division Director and Metro Market Manager for the Westwood and City of Industry branches, and he has been responsible for several notable Protiviti wins over the years.

Jorge earned his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of California Riverside and obtained his CPA license ten years ago.


Energy Audit Expert & Chief Technician

Julian Paige is a highly driven young man currently taking courses in sustainable technologies at Santa Monica College. He plans on getting his AA in Energy Efficiency and Photovoltaics.

Julian graduated from college prep high school in 2015, then went right to work installing solar panels and apprenticing as an electrician. He has 32 installs under his belt. Julian works very hard and strives to become a master in all walks of his life. After work he will go home and gain knowledge about energy, electricity, solar, and maybe even go back to his U.S. history textbook from 11th grade.


Energy Auditor Expert, Research and Development

Beau Espeso is promising student at Santa Monica College where plans to receive is A.A and transfer to UCLA to major in Environmental Energy Sustainability.

Prior to becoming a student, Beau Espeso was an enlisted member of the United States Air Force and was stationed at Seymour Johnson AFB, NC. With his four years in the USAF, he has been deployed to Afghanistan, performed countless Military Honors in North Carolina,Virginia, and West Virginia. In his free time he was a trained volunteer camp counselor for children who had Muscular Dystrophy, played softball for his Munitions Flight and 4th Fighter Wing.

Beau searches among the bombardment of new energy efficient technologies for home and business owners makes their decisions easier. From your simple motion sensors to save energy when no one is in the room, light lamps that have specific CRI or Candles per squared meter to a more complicated automated home that controls the interior climate and security. Let Beau ease your mind with finding the right energy efficient technology for your everyday life.


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