Are you an entrepreneur who is success-driven? Do you want to increase your profits with products and services that are reputable and reliable, products and services that meet and exceed customers' needs?

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Qualifications to Become a Successful Partner with Green Home Savers:

-Already in the service industry or interested in diversifying into the service industry

-Strong financial condition

-Good management practices

-Ability to communicate in English

-Entrepreneurial and aggressive

-Able to assign key personnel to actively manage the day-to-day operations of a new business

-Enough capital to fund the development of a pilot operation and franchise network

If you've answered "yes" to all of the above, then we're interested in talking with you about national and international opportunities with Green Home Savers.

Green Home Savers offers:

-Industry leadership

-Training in the U.S.

-Technical support

-Ongoing training and assistance

-State-of-the-art equipment and products

-Marketing assistance

-Association with fellow franchisees in the U.S.

-Exclusive territorial rights

-Unlimited financial potential through subfranchising

Who is Green Home Savers?

Green Home Savers provides energy assessments utilizing state of the art technology that when deployed properly pays for itself and makes your home far more comfortable to live in.

As a prospective franchisee, you will be associated with the recognized leader in the industry — in fact, one of the creators of the industry.

Master Franchising Opportunities

Green Home Savers National and International Franchise Opportunities

What is our future goal?

Our commitment is to expand into selected all markets by establishing exclusive master franchise agreements. As a master franchisee, you will enjoy the many benefits that come from an association with Green Home Savers - benefits that will help you develop your franchise and succeed as a master franchisee should.

What are the benefits of owning a master franchise?

As a master franchisee:

-You have unlimited financial potential. You have the opportunity to grow and multiply your business through subfranchising. With few boundaries and ample territory, you can dramatically increase your profits.

-You have no competition in your territory. When you develop your business according to the designated plan, your 10-year master franchise agreement is renewable for another 10 years.

-You "test" your franchise before offering it to others. You have the opportunity to own and operate at least one "pilot" operation offering the full range of licensed services for one year. With this management experience, you are then prepared to focus your energies on expansion - recruiting and selecting competent franchisees like yourself to own and operate successful franchises.

How does someone become a master franchisee?

This is a simple process that follows these steps:

1. Together, we complete the Master License Agreement, which includes the initial license fee.

2. Once we establish the Master Franchise Agreement, you and your employees will have the opportunity for training at one or more of our branch training centers in the United States. Depending on the background and skill level, the training could last up to four weeks.

3. Then, when you return from training, confident and competent, you will be ready to open your pilot Green Home Savers franchise.


The road to success is a partnership. You want to associate with a winning company and we want to associate with compatible partners.

To receive an introductory package with further information about our company and this exciting business opportunity, please contact us through:


Phone: 310-597-9678

We look forward to further exploring the possibility of a financially rewarding association between you and Green Home Savers all the while helping the planet. Can you say win win?