"My husband and I have been upset the last few years with the increase in our electricity bill. Finally, we decided to call an expert to see if there was any way we could save money.

Julian Paige came to our house and started with giving us a basic understanding of how a house can consume energy unnecessarily. With the basics in our minds, Julian then walked us through every room in the house, using several impressive looking devices, and pointed out energy wasting problems. Most importantly, he not just pointed out the problem but gave us solutions and an estimate of the costs compared with the long-term savings to our monthly electricity bill.

Julian explained everything so simply that we couldn’t say no to his suggestions. We’ve since implemented his ideas and we now save an average of $250 a year on our utility bill. Thank you, Julian, for doing such a great job. We plan on installing solar soon to get to NetZero, our minds will be knowing that we will have done our part to help this planet."

-Candace - Santa Monica.

"With all the talk these days of the environment and saving on energy, I decided to call an expert to come check out my house to see if there was a way that I could lower my carbon footprint and, maybe along the way, save me money.

I called Julian Paige based on a recommendation from a friend to visit my home and do a home energy audit. Julian perused my entire home checking out the windows, doors, insulation even my basement and foundation using different, space age looking  measuring devices. At the end of his inspection, he showed me several ways that I could make alterations in my home – some inexpensive and some a little more costly – that would save me a lot of money in the long run.

Thank you, Julian, for teaching an old dog like me new tricks. I’ve decided to take all of Julian’s excellent recommendations and enter the new millennium of energy efficiency. Look forward to getting that solar soon!"

-Alex - Silverlake.

"Beau Espeso walked into my home and saw a simple change that would brighten up my day. Replacing my light bulbs to LED helped me lower my energy bill by 30% along with installing motion sensors to automatically turn off the light when no one has been using it. He helped my understand that I was part of the solution to lessen the impact on our environment along with the confidence to make me stand up for what is right."

-Shannon - Venice Beach.

"Beau Espeso was humble and courteous when we first meet. He helped me understand the impact I had on our world as we walked through my home. On a budget, we talked about the options I had to retrofit my home gave me more confidence that I can make a difference in this world and the knowledge to pass down to others as well."

-Dennis - Malibu.

"Green Home Savers presented future opportunities to save on my energy bill along with creating less of an impact on the environment. Changing out my light bulbs helped me save $8330 over 10 years."

-Elizabeth - DTLA.